The life-bar in Legacy of Kan: Soul Reaver is glitched; it's more distracting ingame than it might seem in the pics:

Dreamcast real:

gpuDX11 2x resolution 64 layers (no videohacks):

gpuDX11ng native resolution 64 layers (no videohacks):

Thanks to Darkness Knight for the uploaded pics The latest version of Demul is used for testing (Demul v0.7 alpha 310715).

The life-bar isn't glitched when using NullDC, but of course - that emulator shows multiple other issues (transparency errors and glitchy shadows) - which are rendered great by Demul..! So it would be awesome to be able to play this game glitchfree - it's a real gem AND the best version that has ever been released (PC version is a port of the inferior PSX version)!

@MetalliC: any chance of this getting fixed in the near future?