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    Dolphin emulator progress report

    Dolphin has updated with this months progress report on its gamecube/wii emulator:

    As the twilight of the Dolphin 4.0 era approaches, code cleanup and regression hunting have become a high priority, fixing the serious and minor issues that have cropped up over the past year and a half that remain unaddressed. From remedial problems such as INI issues to Real Wiimotes issues on OS X, a lot of those important minor issues have been tackled. As if that wasn't enough, there are still exciting developments within several core features to keep users satiated in this month's Progress Report.

    For the full report go :: for news posts from emulation64, and my own personal projects. Follow me!
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    Every time I read their blog I keep thinking, I need to add this to my RSS aggregator, then I get distracted reading all the great developments until I have to go and do something else. Finally added it.

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