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I don't know actually, but you could use MS Paint or something to get the Red Green Blue values from the palette images I posted above each code.
Just open the palette image and select the color with the color picker, then edit colors to get the Red Green Blue values needed.

I don't remember if VBA named the corresponding Red Green Blue attributes to something else.

However I don't use bgb anymore either as I moved my GB/GBC emulation to the RetroArch Libretro gambatte core which does things more nicer:

I strongly recommend that for the definite GameBoy experience.
Thanks for the reply.

I do have the RetroArch emulator but I admit I haven't used it yet. I usually stay away from multi-platform emulators and go for specific ones instead, but maybe I should give this one a try, since it also seems to emulate PCE-CD, WonderSwan and MAME games that I'm having a hard time with in other emulators.

One question: does it have options to select those SGB colours you listed here and remove filters and borders? As much as I appreciate the effort behind the "real feel" approach, I rather play the games on the TV screen with some image "enhancement" - maintaining the original color palettes as seen in the SGB, but removing the pixelated filters and borders.