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    It's a shame the PCSX2 not supported to change the textures, except by editing the game.

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    i'll be updating this guide soon, but in case no one has checked, beetle core on retroarch now supports texture dumping and injecting, it is in very early stages and not for the faint hearted, however it has good compatibility (2D games seem to crash) some textures have the usual psx dumping issues, but this is based on the single game core for chrono cross which is fully compatible.

    Quick usage guide
    place the texture folder in the same folder as your iso/s
    for multi disk games if you haven't already make a *.m3u file which lists all the cues
    name the texture folder (iso or m3u name)-texture-dump for dumping and -texture-replacement

    so for a game like chrono cross that has two disks, i would name the file chrono cross.m3u, then name the texture folders chrono cross-texture-dump and chrono cross-texture-replacement
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