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This game will rely on two way communication. So in order to make it work with an adapter, you need to receive and send data. There are only two ways to do this.

1) Find a usb n64 adapter on the market that has it's own driver, call up the company and ask them to add support. They would need the info we are about to learn and then write the driver you you(us).

2) Use a Bliss-Box.

I'm also not sure what a bliss box is? Maybe it is a box that makes you really happy? I'm not sure why you are looking for that or how that would help here? Though it sounds a lot like Bliss-Box too me :p Any ways, if you google for "Bliss-Box" or "Bliss-Box adapter" you will have no problems find the adapter I speak of. This Bliss-Box has a built in API designed just for this sort of thing. Since option 1 is sort of out, I think 2 is the only chance we have.

Now if you do not wish to use an adapter and just get a mic using windows speech, you're on your own. I can not really help on that topic.
hey so i found a few vru modules on amazon fairly cheap i plan to get ahold of 1 if it will help crack this case before i do make the order i need to know if it will make a difference since its 20 bucks im limited in funds so wasting money is not a good idea for me its got the origional n64 port end and ill be getting a n64 to usb adapter