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Both Daniel and James have been quiet for sometime. I think they both have knowledge with emulators. I mainly have been working on the device from the controller point of view. I can send it commands with my Bliss-Box adapter. The place where I left off was the command to record speech. I do not have the n64 console or ever played the game but from what I know you press Z to speak. When this is done in an emulator or real game, some command is sent to the unit. All I need to know is what command that is.

There are only 3 types of people that can get that info for me.

1) Someone that develops emulators, they should see this somewhere.
2) Anyone with the game console and an Logic Analyzer
3) Someone who already knows it

I think 2 is the best option as I have exhausted 1 and there are no 3's. I eagerly await a reply.