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    I think Mupen64Plus uses [GoodName].fla for flash rom saves like Majora's Mask (.eep for eeprom and .sra for sram saves), so make sure you are naming it correctly. If unsure, save a game with Mupen and overwrite the file it creates.
    I'm using project64 and it seems to have saved a .fla file in the save folder. I tried copying it to mupen emulator on the desktop but it didn't work.

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    it did not make an .eep file
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    Rename the save file to Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (U) [!].fla.

    And did you replace the RDB of Project64 2.1?

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    If someone still want to know how to translate from Project64 to Mupen64 AE or Mupen64 FZ just extract the .zip of the save file of the game and copy both files into: mupen64/gamecarpet or 'mupen64plus-fz\GameData\gamecarpet\UserSaves' if you are using Mupen64 FZ, don't copy into "autosaves" or "slotsaves" carpet because won't work of anything. Once you open the n64 game, in the app search for an option: 'Charge from file' or something like that.
    I dont know if im using the right words because my english is very bad but i hope can be understood.

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