I'm running into a universal problem with Wii games on Dolphin where I can barely get the IR recognition to work properly. I bought a wireless IR sensor bar, but my current Wiimote (and the previous third-party one I owned) has serious trouble detecting it. The result is that the cursor rarely shows up on screen, and when it does it jumps all over the place even if my Wiimote is still.

Skyward Sword is practically unplayable. After calibrating the Wiimote upon loading the game, it works fine for about five minutes, then Link doesn't hold his sword in the proper direction any more. I can be pointing straight at the screen and he's holding his sword up, or I make a horizontal slash and he does a vertical one. Sometimes the controls deteriorate to the point where everything is backwards, i.e swinging left-to-right is right-to-left. I tried swapping out the sensor bar with a pair of candles like some users said, but the same problem occurs. What can I do to fix this?