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    PS4 Launch Details, Priced at $399/349, Preorders Open

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    Sony finally showed off their impressive PS4 console last night and as you can see above it looks great.

    Sony also took a rather big swipe at Microsoft by introducing a price thats $100/80 cheaper than the new XboxOne.

    The console has no specific release date but the holiday season is being touted, we expect the console to be released before Xmas to go head on with the XboxOne and for the Xmas rush.

    Big features include the streaming of PS3 games onto the PS4 which will come out in 2014, the console will be region free and used games will be playable without any problems, in short Sony have listened to what the public want.

    Sites such as BestBuy,Amazon and Amazon UK are taking preorders.

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    Looks like the Emulation64 Network now has an official Pro-Sony and Anti-Microsoft stance.

    Although I think the console looks like an 80's stylized VHS player...

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    I don't really like consoles at all anymore personally.

    MS did take a huge PR hit would the xboxone presentation and sony has been quick to dish out some punches.

    I especially like:

    Personally I think consoles are a pretty big waste of money - at least comping from the fact that I need a high powered computer at home to do work. There are only a few good platform-exclusive games these days, I don't feel I miss much just gaming on my PC.
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