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    Demul Naomi and Atomiswave Analog cotnrols

    When I load games in demul .57 and config my gamepad I notice that the games only respond to digital input. Is this the way the games were originally made or is this an demul deficiency?

    The games in particular I tested were Demolish Fist and Slashout. They work fine but when I assign analog control (S1 S2, etc) nothing happens however I can assign either my analog stick or D-Pad to the digital controls and the game responds to digital input. whether I am using the my analog stick or d-pad.

    i hope that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I think the reason being here is because you are emulating an Arcade. Arcades usually use digital inputs. Racing games use analog so it is normal for this to occur.

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