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    N64 [Glide64 Wonder ++] [Majora's Mask] Image offset/stretched in Fullscreen.

    Hey guys, when I try and launch Majora's Mask in 1964 from the command line I use:

    1964.exe -f -g "..\Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask (USA).n64"
    When it first launches and the Nintendo logo shows, it displays fine, but once it moves on to the screen where the mask flies at you, everything is stretched horizontally in such a way that only half the image is off screen, while the portion that is visible is, like I said, horribly stretched.

    Hitting Esc to go to windowed, and then returning it to fullscreen manually fixes the issue, but I don't want to have to do this as I'm doing this so I can have a clean launch from Steam like any other game on my system.

    Hopefully somebody here knows a solution or automatic workaround. Would really appreciate some help.

    The issue doesn't seem to occur in Perfect Dark, at least not the Japanese version.

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    Glide64 Wonder++ is outdated. Try Glide64 Final.

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