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    Quote Originally Posted by MarathonMan View Post
    I profiled the other day; very little. Probably around the order of 10%, or less. angrylion's plugin is ridiculously optimized it seems. I might be able to take it a bit further with some SSE-fu, but I won't even bother with it until I get the RSP/VR4300 down to something reasonable.

    The main deadweights are the interpreted, cycle-accurate RSP and VR4300 cores. They're coming in at a hefty 30+% utilization each.
    Any updates @MarathonMan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by _Zack_ View Post
    Any updates @MarathonMan?
    Currently juggling quite a few balls (when I can find the time... been busy!)

    - Working on a debugger:
    - Adding 64DD support, with the help of LuigiBlood: We currently have a booting IPL, working RTC, and have some seek/reads working. LuigiBlood is blocking on debugger support due to things being hard to track down ATM...
    - Mac OS X builds now seem to quasi-work.
    - Various performance improvements and optimizations.
    - SSE2 support was added, so any x86_64 processor can now play CEN64, and we're only a few commits away from 32-bit builds.
    - Also thinking about adding/how to add a software-based transactional memory (STM) algorithm to leverage multiple cores/threads and boost performance.

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    Hi, windows SSE2 build crashes (as in, xxxx has stopped working) on any version of MM. Linux version just works. Just a report. Cheers.

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