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    Graphical Issue with Majora's Mask

    First off, I have to say that Mupen64 is by far the best N64 emulator I have used. The speed and compatibility for my crappy school computer is fantastic compared to Project 64 and 1964.

    However, I have a small graphical glitch that is a bit irritating to play with in Majora's Mask. The game is playable, but some textures overlap others. These include shadows seen through walls, grass showing over trees, and even water showing over the wood in South Clock Town. I have an example attached.

    As you can see, the grass on the left overlaps the tree and water shows through the ground on the right. I use Glide64 because gln64 freezes often, and I haven't changed any of the settings (mostly because I don't know what they would do), so I have no idea if it's just my computer, though I would not be surprised. Curse you Intel, and your integrated graphics accelerators.

    Is this problem fixable? Has anyone else had it? Am I just insane? Help me out, here, please!
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    Use Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6.Or try Mudlord's Rice Video Build luck!

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