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    PJ64 - Save State Issue

    I am playing "All Star Baseball 2000" on Project64 version

    I can be playing for a while just fine, but when I Save and try to Load a saved state, I will be told that PJ64 is unable to load the saved state. When I check out the Save folder, the file corresponding to the save slot is actually missing. This has been happening a few weeks now, so I finally started playing the game with the Save folder window open and watched as I did an F5 to save and the zip file disappears before I can F7 to load it. If I change save slots and try to save, I am still unable to save - it deletes anything in that slot.

    I've seen people try to solve this a few ways, and I have yet to have success. I have changed the application to only open as "Run as Administrator." The problem still happens. I'm also an Administrator on my computer (not sure if anyone was going to be wondering that).

    I noted that the Save Folder is actually "Read Only." I try to change this by unchecking that and clicking OK, but if I go back into Properties, the setting is back to "Read Only." I do not know how to fix that. Any suggestions?

    I also saw that some people suggested changing the Default Save Type to "Flashram." I did this and still have the disappearing save state issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Has anyone had experience with this?

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    I can't post URLs because I just joined, but if you want to see my ROM Settings, the picture is on Imgur and the picture is NmznI.jpg

    My Save folder settings are 5j0lq.jpg


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    Project64 version is a beta and is not yet supported on emutalk.

    If you downloaded a legal copy you should know where the official support site is.

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