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    Demul 0.5.7, multithread and x64

    Hi everyone, I just registered, well lets get to the point XD

    Im here to talk about Samurai Shodown VI, I've made some tests and can't achieve a good gpu speed or good sound (without that problem of repeating some effects and voices) in the new demul 0.5.7 the game keeps like 39-48 in GPU and SPU during battles, outthought in the leaked 0.5.7 beta of the emulator, I easily can achieve 55-60 and a perfect sound just by disabling multi threaded SPU and enabling multi threaded gpu so, I can't see how the multithread options are irrelevant o_o also, I would like to know if there will be a x64 version of demul 0.5.7 =)

    Also, its looks like the SPU wont let GPU work at full speed .-. its a bug of SPU or from the emulation itself? There is any SPUNull plugin?

    thanks by the emulator and your efforts, you guys are outstanding =)

    (sorry for my bad english)

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