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    Thumbs up Star Wars Rogue Squadron

    Anyone know how to run perfectly rom star wars rogue squadron? I searched several sites but the same problem graph is in all roms!

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    It isn't the ROM. The graphics microcode for the game hasn't been reverse-engineered yet so no standard graphics plugins will work. That's what the 'unknown microcode' error is warning you of.

    The only emulator with a chance to run it would be a low-level emulator, such as MESS. I should warn you though, you will need to have amazing computer specs to run it anywhere near full speed. There might be a low-level graphics plugin for other emulators by now, but these don't have anywhere near the compatibility of MESS.

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    Like zoinkity said, you need a LLE plugin or emulator. The only LLE graphics plugin I know of is Z64, which you can find here on EmuTalk. But you'll need a fast computer to use it well. Just follow the instructions on that page to install it.

    If you need any more help, post back here!

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