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    Lightbulb Tech stuff that's actually FUN (Warning a Geek moment)

    Most people like iCandy err iPhone iPad iPod I have yet to here of an iTV but hey I'm sure it's been thought of.

    well I got the iOutOfStuff, pun intended I generally like to fiddle with tech stuff and see what I can do.

    So if people want to REALLY play with some low cost toys that are fun go HERE and read up. HackAday is also a fun place to visit.

    If you ever seen a hexbug spider robot check this out.

    the Ti Launch PAD (or this site works too) is $4.30 (US) each, from TI. You can get an IDE for windows running (use the IAR one not the CCS as it's way too complicated). So it's rather cheap (in the US) I don't know about other countries but... I have this and this for it and I am experimenting with some communication ideas and just fooling around.

    Remember emulation exists because of some of the wacky things people invented. How about invent something else? (for fun).

    Things I am fiddling around with:
    Hexbug robot with (my own) sonic range finder and other gadgets
    doppler radar system for sensing movement

    just too name a few

    Progress (n.):
    The process through which the Internet has evolved from smart people in front of dumb terminals to dumb people in front of smart terminals.
    Recursive (adj):
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    Hackaday is a great site!

    I built a Bluray laser Maglite (Very Very Dangerous Do Not Look At Beam!!!) after seeing it on that site, or maybe it was i can't remember

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