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    N64 Some questions about plugins.


    1. What is the best audio plugin for 1964? I have a fast PC but the sound crackles and frequently break.

    2. How can I enable fsaa or fxaa in glide64? I don't have fsaa when I force it in NVIDIA CP.

    3. I have 1964 SVN r111 now. This is the best 1964?

    4. Why my old savegames are not compatible with 1964 SVN r111? How can I enable compatibility?

    5. I can't select RSP plugin. Why? I don't need it anymore?

    6. Is it possible to stretch the window mode 320x240 to window 1024x768 mode? I do not want to increase the resolution. I'd like to get the effect like in pcsx2. Stretch native resolution.
    Pozdrawiam !

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    I have a question about the whole windwaker texture setup for Project 64. I downloaded the 3 part pack of cell shaded textures for Ocarina of Time which was the 2011 pack. I extracted all three files which created two .DAT files. One being the THE LEGEND OF ZELDA_HIRESTEXTURES.DAT and THE LEGEND OF ZELDA_MEMORYCACHE.DAT. I put both of those files into the plugin folder and then into the cache folder. I put all of the Glide64 files after i had installed it into the plugin folder. Then I followed Djipi's guide by disabling CRC calculation. Then enabling use alpha channel fully, compress texture cache, and save texture cache to hard disk. Those were all the steps. So then, I loaded up zelda ocarina of time rom and there weren't any textures loaded. please help me. please help this noob(me) out here.

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