Normally things with Gentoo are handled like this
emerge <package>

and you twiddle your thumbs while everything magically (or automatically) works.

It appears that the PCSX2 portage data is no longer maintained. This is a bit of an issue since I have 60 games and I would like to play a few.
So I said "all right I'll see what I need to do to compile it"

That is the part where, I get some very weird if not annoying messages that aren't very sensible
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:15 (message):

          PCSX2 does not support 64bits environment. Please install a 32bits chroot or a 32bits OS.
          PCSX2 have neither no plan to support the 64bits architecture in the future.
          It will need a complete rewrite of the core emulator and a lots of time


          However when linux distribution will support properly multi-arch package, it will
          be at least possible to easily compile and install PCSX2 witout too much hassle (the chroot environment)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
As I have a combined 32/64 bit environment and everything works it appears this is a bit convoluted. I use both 32 and 64 bit versions. It's weird because this is the first I've heard there was a problem? I've been compiling mixed variants of everything for a while so I don't get this.

Of course as I said NO ONE maintains the Gentoo portage version to 'fix' the issue. Hmm I'll have to force it to 32 bit but WHY do I need to run PCSX2 as root also? That makes little sense. I'm finding this a bit toward 'why?' Anyone actually have PCSX2 running under 32 bit linux, am I clueless or is something just weird with the R4600 and lower?