Ok i really tried to be constructive and be less defensive over this whole thread and how it has ended up.

This has nothing to do with me being a part of the Project64 Team

This has nothing to do with me coming and taking sides of a Team Mate and a personal Good Friend

This has to do with me being an Admin of emutalk and seeing a misdirected thread and no way to turn it around back into positivity.

Ok with that said, i think it is best to close this thread as it is way past constructive and is now more of a personal attack on an author and his work ethics and we do not stand for that on Emutalk, Emulation64 Networks or Real Life.

Jabo: All the best in all you do in 'Dev' and Real Life' and i am sure all you have achieved in your emulation work is best described through your work as people use and enjoy it.