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D PSP Emulator SVN r300 is released. D PSP Emulator is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator for PC made in D programming language. At the moment can run some simple homebrew. It doesn't load any comercial game at this stage.

D PSP Emulator SVN Changelog:
- Fixed sceKernelWaitThreadEnd(CB) + Unittesting
- Fixed??! sceCtrlReadBufferPositive and sceCtrlReadLatch + Unittesting
- Stop all the emulator when an error rises. @TODO CHECK! It loses the exception
- Minor changes and refactorings
- Changed the way sceCtrl waits for a frame. Still not accurate.
- Some changes and fixes on IoFileMgr_FilesAsync
- Implemented some more NIDs
- More changes and fixes on ThreadMan
- Disabled/Enabled all threads on sceKernelCpuSuspendIntr/sceKernelCpuResumeIntr
still have to check if it works as expected.
- Fixed sceKernelLibcClock
- Fixed PspLibDoc singleton (not used __gshared; was Thread Local Storage)
- Added and fixed tests for module loading
- More tests
- Implemented simple voices on sasCore (still has some issues)
- Implemented sceAudio.sceAudioSRCOutputBlocking
- Minor changes and refactorings
- Updated to D v2.054
- Fixed some issues and cleanups
- SwitchGen is now faster (probably MUCH faster) using AA instead of plain
arrays because of being able to use AA on CTFE. Because of that, there is no
need for "cached_switch_all.dcode" file anymore and it has been deleted. By
faster I mean on compiling times. On runtime it should be as fast as always.
- Added a link to the online compatibility table (not enabled yet)
- Added a new option to force to check updates: --check_updates
- Fixed ApplicationPaths
- Fixed SvnVersion.getLastOnlineVersion on v2.054 because of the non-greedy fix.
- branches/pspemu31 -> trunk