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News via AEP

byuu has released a new version of his SNES emulator bsnes.

bsnes v078 released (2011-04-30)

Finally, a new release. I have been very busy finishing up SNES box, cartridge and PCB scanning plus cataloguing the data, however this release still has some significant improvements.

Most notably would be randomization on startup. This will help match the behavior of real hardware and uninitialized memory + registers. It should help catch homebrew software that forgets to initialize things properly. Of course, I was not able to test the complete library, so it is possible that if I´ve randomized anything that should be constant, that this could cause a regression. You can disable this randomization for netplay or to work around any incompatibilities by editing bsnes.cfg and setting snes.random to false.

The GUI also received some updates. Widget sizes are now computed based on font sizes, giving it a perfectly native look (because it is native.) I´ve also added a hotkey remapping screen to the input settings. Not only can you remap inputs to controllers now, but those who did not know the hotkey bindings can now quickly see which ones exist and what they are mapped to.

Please enjoy.


memory and most registers are now randomly initialized on power-up

fixed auto joypad polling issue in Super Star Wars

fixed .nec and .rtc file extensions (they were missing the dot) [krom]

PPU/accuracy now clears overscan region on any frame when it is disabled

PPU/compatibility no longer auto-blends hires pixels (use NTSC filter for this)

added hotkey remapping dialog to input settings window

added a few new hotkeys, including quick-reset

phoenix API now auto-sizes widgets based on font sizes

file dialog once again remembers previously selected file when possible

updated mightymo´s cheat code database to April 19th release

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