Category: Nintendo 64

The great N64 emulator fork 1964mod, which is based on the last released 1964 1.1 source, has been updated!

Core Changes & Fixes
During language switching, several bugs surface :
 "ROM Name" column can shrink to very small width (fixed)
 "Exit" menu option may disappear (fixed)
 "Recent ROMs" & "Recent ROM Folders" menu option text may not be translated or duplicated menu options or not deleted when it is unchecked or a combination of the above (fixed)
 "Help" menu & its submenu text are not translated (fixed)
 To complement the bugfixing and translation effort of the Language feature, several enhancements are considered.
 Add support for lgm extension for language files and drop support for 1964 lng extension as per MasterPhW request (enhanced)
 Revamp the "About 1964mod" box layout to cater to the lengthy translation text and updated english.lgm with updated infos and comments for translation purpose (enhanced)
 Language files translation is currently in progress and the following are completed:
- Deutsch by MasterPhW
- French by Siskoo
- Spanish by OverLordChaos
The existing 1964 Boxart feature has several bugs and need some enhancements as well.
 MasterPhW reported a bug for same BoxArt image duplication over different roms in the romlist display window (fixed)
 In Boxart display, press "Ctrl+S" or right click on a rom icon display will change its icon image to be the same as the 1st rom icon image (fixed)
 In Boxart display, open "ROM Properties" causes Boxart column info to be cleared except for the game name and it will be restored after a refresh or emu restart (fixed)
 Speedup Boxart display and reduce screen flickers by combining multiple refresh command requests (enhanced)
Minor speedup to romlist window display by removing duplicate refresh codes with reload especially Boxart display (enhanced)
 Replaced existing N64logo and 1964 icon with MasterPhW customized ones (enhanced)
 Some closely named roms can pickup the same boxart image (fixed)
 Remove token codes which is no longer useful and buggy.
Fix compiled error for LogPIFData and remove C:/ hardcoding (fixed)