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SharpBoy is a new Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for windows by xdaniel written in C# using SlimDX. Download SharpBoy.

Nintendo Game Boy Emulator in C# using SlimDX, written in 2011 by xdaniel

Downloads: SharpBoy v0.1 (32-bit binary)

Default controls:
B: A
A: S
Start: Return
Select: Space
D-Pad: Cursor keys

Notes and bugs:
Emulation is still incomplete and has bugs, especially with GBC games
No sound, serial link, SGB, etc. for now
No documentation yet either; controls cannot be changed from within the program (edit config.xml manually after first run)
GUI has some quirks (ex. window resizing), FPS limit and counter arenīt accurate
Debugger slows down emulation speed considerably, needs some serious optimization
Probably more...
...and despite this, thereīs a bunch of playable games:

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