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Thread: Wii - deBlob 2

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    Wii - deBlob 2

    Quick review - deBlob 2 [Wii]

    Sequel to one of the best new IPīs to grace the Wii, deBlob returns with charm and color to fight the forces of monocromatic evil, in this game you use your body to absorb color and paint the world returning music and joy to both the city and itīs citizens, now enslaved by the bland religion of Papa Blanc.

    While the game has inumerous technical advantages over itīs predecessor, due to itīs now multiplatformed nature, it is undoubtely more of the same, with a "girlfriend mode" tacked on, a second controller can be used to fire color at enemies, wall signs and even Blob himself.

    Gone is the "flick jump" from the first, now you jump with the "A" button, but now they crammed up segments of precision jumping and the camera is just not cut off for these segments nor for the combat portion that will have you pummeling from locked target to locked target without knowing what youīre killing.

    Highlights are the new 2d segments and the soundtrack.


    A game that the whole family can enjoy, not reinventing the wheel nor itself, if you did not liked the first youīre not enjoying this.

    + Atmosphere
    + Revamped Graphics
    + Soundtrack
    + 2d portions
    - Camera
    - Pedestrian Combat


    Played 5 hours until the impressions
    I provided my own game, i suggest you do the same.
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