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News via AEP

A new beta version of the MAME Frontend MAMELOAD TNG was released.

ML TNG Release Notes
January 24th, 2011
Beta u46 Release

- RESOURCE.ML updates for MAME, MESS unique commands to MAME 0.141u1,
MESS 0.141. I hope to soon add SDLMAME compatable command-lists in the

- Fixed gamelist sizes to allow more than 9999 sets. With the addition of
pinball and other mechanical games to MAME in 0.141u1, this game level was
quickly surpassed and ML would not work as a result.

March 12th, 2010
Beta u45 Release

- Resolved issues surrounding FAVORITE.ML saving and not keeping proper track
such things as orientation, border/font colors and full screen toggle.

- Fixed a bug related to using an external font - using orientation 3
(rotated 180 degrees) would display the font in white even if you´ve changed
it locally or in your FAVORITE.ML file.

- A problem with using FBA and detecting proper source names has been fixed.

- Updated RESOURCE.ML to 0.137 for MAME and partially for MESS.

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