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Kakaroto responds to a crisp interview on the future of Linux on PS3.

Some excerpts:
- Could Be The Reason Why We Have not Heard of any "custom firmware" Allowing Linux installation? Now it just impossible to make today With tools?

Why we have not heard of a CFW that lets you install Linux? Is it because it is impossible with current tools?

No, it's possible to make Perfectly. Already Demonstrated Fail0verflow The team was running Linux natively PS3 Slim. However, it's not ready yet, Because There Are a Lot of Differences Between The GameOS otheros system & the system, so There Are A Few Things That Need To Be Fixed in the Linux kernel Before It Becomes usable again.

No, it is quite feasible. FailOverflow the team has already demonstrated in running Linux on a PS3 Slim natively. Anyway, it's not ready yet, because there are many differences between the system and GameOS otheros, so there's some stuff to fix in the Linux kernel before it usable again.

Some Of The Fail0verflow membres du team are Currently Working on That, and I think That, considering Their skills, Everybody Is Waiting Patiently for Them to Finish Their Works, The INSTEAD OF duplicating effort. Once it is Working Correctly, and There Are Virtually No Risk of bricking the Machine, Then It Will Be Released By The people responsible.

Some members of the team FailOverflow are currently working on it, and I think that given their talent, everyone waits patiently for them to finish their work, instead of duplicating efforts.

- Could be possible to Surpass The hardware limitations HAD Before Linux thanks To The Jailbreaking?

Would it be possible to exceed the hardware limitations that were imposed through jailbreaking?
Yes, definitely. Installing Linux by year as "approved firmware, It Means That Will now run Linux Under GameOS priviledges, Giving It Access to the full hardware SPUs all [of CELL processor] are available, tea est disponible graphics card, etc. ...
There Will Be No more limitations Because The hypervisor [the "security" Intermediary Among All the real hardware & the software] is 'Trusting' Linux now.

Yes, absolutely. By installing Linux as firmware approved / signed ", this means that Linux will run with the privileges of GameOS, giving full access to hardware, to all processors, the graphics card ...
There will be more limitations because now the hypervisor [security among all hardware and software] "will trust" to Linux.

There Will Soon Be a Linux firmware pour la PS3, And Then "any application That Runs on Linux ported to Work Can Be On The PS3. We Could aussi start seeing custom firmware XMB [the "visible" part of GameOS] Running with a Linux backend.
There will soon be a Linux firmware for the PS3, and all applications running on Linux can be worn on PS3. We'll start to see CFW XMB [the visible GameOS] running Linux in the background

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