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    OK, so I really wanna run some old DC games on Chankast, but something isnt working. First of all, it reads as a music CD. I've read all the instructions that were given on the FAQ, and downloaded Utopia Boot Disc, but even that loads as a music CD.

    Second, my controls are completely frozen! I can't even access the "configure controls" window!

    Somebody please help me.


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    If a disc is red as a Music CD even when you use a bootdisc, then either the disc image is damaged or Chankast simply refuses to emulate the load routines properly. Believe it or not, this is fairly common.

    As for the control issues, make sure that you actually have a controller plugin selected (preferably ElSemi's).

    Now having said all the above, it's not like you have a between emulators; Demul and nullDC for example are far better and more accurate than Chankast. Furthermore, Chankast has been dead since 2004, which really isn't a very good sign, all things considered. Then again, what emulator you use is entirely up to you and you don't have to listen to recommendations.

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