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Thread: plz help

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    plz help

    i have chankast 0.25 and th bois and everything but any iso i download is coming up as a music file i even tried the utopia cdi that game with chankast but even that is coming up in chankast as a cd i have the virtual drive deamon tools lite can anyone help please thanks oh yea my os is vista
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    its not like u dont hav an option cuz chanka is **** yea so u can try another emu liek demul or nuldc k their better than chanka unless youre cdi is bad though u need to make sure that your bois is up to scratch

    u dont even hav to use daemon anymore with demul or nulldc just load the cdi directly

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    lol, yeah dude, Chankast is liek waaay outdated and other emulators have surpassed it in performance and compatibility and such.

    You may like using 5+ year old emulators with crap compatibility and performance, but we like using the latest, greatest, and best which is not Chankast as of current.

    Give NullDC, Demul, or even Makaron a try for best results. I'm sure you'll find that they'll solve most if not all of the issues you are experiencing with Chankast.

    While not officially announced as a dead project, Chankast can be presumed dead as it has not received any further releases. There also hasn't been any news or updates regarding development for the past five or so years now

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