Heya, I'm still new to the Chankast emulator and from what I can tell it seems fairly simple. I want to find out a way to make my cdi image of marvel vs. capcom 2 on chankast work. Unfortunately when I mounted mvc2 in daemon the cd was recognized as a music cd in and it asked me what windows should do with it and gave me options to play it using itunes/vlc etc.

When I ran chankast and properly selected the same drive as the daemon mvc2 image was in the emulator said to insert a cd when i ran the emulator. However strangely the music part of the dreamcast had a music cd inside of it. I've dl'ed 2 different versions of mvc2 to make sure it wasn't a problem with the game but I get the same problem with both versions I've downloaded.

Can anyone help me out here please?