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    Colem for the Wii v1.0- Colecovision emulator for the Wii game console.

    Category: Nintendo Wii

    Consolius contacted DCEmu today and asked us to release 2 emulators on his behalf, heres the details:

    Colem for the Wii

    Colecovision emulator for the Wii game console.

    * Copy the application folder in the "apps" directory of the SD card (HomeBrew channel structure).
    * Create a directory "/roms/romscol" on the SD card
    * Put all your roms (.rom or .zip) in that directory including the system rom (named "coleco.rom")
    * Boot the emulator from the HomeBrew Channel.
    * Select ROM and press the "2" button."
    * Press:
    "HOME" to exit the emulator at anytime.
    "cursor keys" to navigate up/down/left/right.
    "button 2" to shoot (or whatever...)
    "plus" to invoke the emulated console's Keyboard/keyPad (press "plus" again to swap the joystick/keyPad number)
    and "2" button again to come back to the game and/or confirm the pad key press.
    "minus" to go back to the ROMs menu.

    Features/known bugs:
    * SDHC support (build with latest libogc and libfat)
    * Some incompatibility issues
    * some problems in double buffering causing some corruptions in GFX.
    * Sound to be improved in a next release...

    30/01/09: V1.0: Initial release.

    Download Here -->

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    Wraggster does this still work?

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