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Krakatos has posted a new version of the PS2 Emulator for Windows:

Heres whats new:

Once again, another beta release

Pcsx2 Playground beta 658
Biggest piece of news is, we have completely and permanently dropped support for the vm version, which has been removed from the build targets. From now on, vltb only people, be sure to report eventual bugs.
Also, check out the speed optmizations.

Changelog since 636
- Removed vm version once and for all, from now only vtlb will be developed
- A lot of speedups. Game dependent, this is especially true for 2d or low 3d intensive games
- Fixed games like drakan, soul calibur 3, tekken 4. These games had problems in the previous builds
- Temporary fix for many games that died with vtlbmiss error. Please try those again and let us know if they work now
- More fixes to savestates
- More fixes for vuskip
- The usual code cleanups