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Updated release from razored

Handy is software dedicated to emulating the Atari Lynx hardware on a standard PC. The software was originally developed by Keith Wilkins [1] and was released under the GPL on 14th April 2004.

Handy/SDL is a port of the WIN32 sourcecode so that it can be used with the GCC compiler and the Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) library. The Handy/SDL port was developed by the SDLEMU crew [2].

WiiHandy/SDL is a port of the Handy/SDL sourcecode to the Wii developed by raz0red [3].

Change Log

01/28/09 (0.2)
- Save/restore game snapshots
- Resuming a game (after quitting with Home)
- Resetting a game (after quitting with Home)
- Fixed a bug causing homebrew games to crash on load (Lode Runner, etc.)
- Fixed a bug where games would freeze if left idle for about an hour
- Fixed a bug where games would not load after file error
- Fixed minor glitches in frame rate (reworked game loop)
- Ability to rotate controls w/ game screen
- Ability to patch Lynx ROMs w/ rotation settings (not supported for .zip)
- Advanced menu allowing for enabling debug mode, frame rate adjustments
- Auto-chain detection
- Reset/power functions (via Wii and Wiimote)
- Ability to use a custom directory name for application files