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    Helping With News

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    Hi all, recently you have noticed that im helping out here with news, whilst the forums are always active the front page has been dead, now i only stick with console news because on DCEmu thats what i post about ( Console Emulation, Homebrew, Gaming and Hardware News) but i know theres much more news missing, now until theres more newsposters if anyone wants to help i have a news submission forum on DCEmu for ay emulation news to be submitted.

    I can then quickly copy and paste here on Emu64

    So if you have news you want on here, then please submit here -->

    I know its a ballache but i am very busy but i also want to see this site on top with all news :)

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    Wouldn't it make more sense, to create a News submission forum here aswell? I don't want to register on another page, to revive the frontpage of Emu64... or hire more newsposters for Emu64...
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