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yohanes, the author of Wiiapple, has released a port of Hatari for the Wii, an Atari ST emulator. The Wiimote can be used as Mouse, there is currently no Atari Joystick support.

Heres the full release info:

After wiiapple, here is an atari st emulator for Wii based on hatari. This port works fine on my Wii. Two other people have tested it, one (Da_Gper) said it is very slow on his Wii, but Nowhereman said it is fine in his Wii. So please tell me you test result. If it works fine for most people, I will post it to wiibrew.

Some notes

You will need USB keyboard to use this emulator
Mouse is emulated using Wiimote (A for click), you can also use USB Mouse
Press F12 to access the menu (probably i should assign one of the Wiimote key for this),
Options can be saved to disk
Press home, or alt-q to quit
Floppy images can be placed in \hatari\fd
EmuTOS image have been included. With EmuTOS ROM, the green screen flickers a lot. It doesn’t happen with some real Atari ROMs that I tested.
Sound works (usually), jus enable it through the options

then today he also updated with this release:

I have made a stupid mistake by including wrong default configuration files (which is slow). I have updated the Atari ST emulator. Here is what is new:

- Wiimote only operation is possible. Not all things will work though. You can play point and click games that relies only on mouse. Press HOME to access the menu (change disk, change ROM, etc). To avoid wasting your time, you can test the game on Hatari for Windows/Linux to see if you can control everything using only mouse.

- I have included a simple flicker filtering to reduce the filtering. This is not the final solution to the problem. I will need to rewrite the SDL port to use GX.


- Mono mode still doesn’t work yet.