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Thread: Yabause 0.9.9

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    Yabause 0.9.9

    Category: Saturn

    guillaume.duhamel has today posted a new release of the Sega Saturn Emulator for Linux and Windows :

    Now that half of emulation news sites already told about the release, itís time for us to do the same

    Yabause 0.9.9 is out and is mostly a bugfix release, though it adds a few features to some ports like locale detection for Gtk+/Qt ports and support for up to 12 pads in the Qt port.

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    opengl video core:
    *Fixed a bug that was causing some games to crash (albert odyssey, dragon ball, etc.)

    gtk port:
    *Automatic detection of current locale.

    qt port:
    *Added support of DESTDIR and –program-prefix
    * Automatic detection of current locale.
    * Added support for multiple players.

    windows port:
    *Fixed crash when going into settings.
    * Fixed mouse wheel usage in disassembler.
    * Rewrote as an unicode application.
    * Fixed the key configuration problem.
    * Fixed joypad support.
    * Partial fix for mouse wheel and slider problem.
    * Fixed fullscreen bug.

    *Hooks for renaming .desktop on installation.
    * .yts file are now installed.
    * Fixed parallel builds.
    * SDL peripheral core now handles all connected joysticks.

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