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    Pandora - The Emulation Fans Dream Console

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    Finally months after the official announcement 3000 lucky people can now preorder the Worlds fastest handheld console that boasts a processor capable of up to 900MHZ, PowerVR 3D Graphics, a large 800x480 LCD Touchscreen, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, Dual SD Card Slots, TV Out, Dual analogue and digital controls, a clamshell DS Lite style shape and a 43 button mini keyboard.

    The Console already boasts an amazing amount of ready to be released software such as Ubuntu and many full speed emulators for systems such as Snes, Amiga, Megadrive and many more that are not publically announced yet.

    The Console is as powerful as original Xbox and on a par with the Nintedo Wii and thats very impressive, add to that the keyboard, bluetooth, dual analogues and you have what is a Pocket PC/Handheld Console Hybrid with software that will amaze and if your an emulation fan then this console will do everything the PSP can and more, we should expect full speed MAME, PSX, GBA, Snes, Megadrive, Master System, Colecovision, Commodore 64, PC Engine and yeah the list goes on, what should also be very doable to full speed should be Nintendo64, Sega 32X, Sega CD, 3D0, the coder of NullDC an excellent Dreamcast emulator for Windows has publically stated that he his looking to port to Pandora.

    Those Interested should visit OpenPandora.Org the home of the Pandora Console

    For the full history of news about the Pandora from start until now check outPandora Homebrew Site

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    It looks kinda cool. Im not too sure about the analog sticks, or how the thing even feels in your hand...But if it does what it promises, then that would be a wet dream come true.

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