Category: Arcade

• added: Logiqx's / NoIntro release/region/language support: Added support for release information in console datafiles. If the datafile contains release information, the user can specify their own region and language preferences. The region and language preferences influence the ZIP names used for merged ROMs. CMPro will choose the most appropriate ZIP names for the user, based on their region and language preferences. Thanks go to Logiqx for the algorithm. De-/Activating regions/languages can be done here: settins->combo box->regions/languages. You can also modify the order there.
• added: scanner popupmenu explore -> to either explore/open the belonging rompath or the set itself
• added: an ini entry to make f205v and Tauchy happy ;)
• misc: moved old option 'decompress rom and test crc32' to compressor settings as decompress files to memory (that's what it actually is)
• misc: new Scanner->Checksums->'decompress rom and test crc32' is now exactly what it says and it also checks against header and datfile crc32
• misc: rebuilder auto-memory option default value is now disabled
• misc: changed orientation of settings arrow buttons
• misc: setinfo shows prefered name, changed arrow button orientation, default editbox is 'select sets'
• fixed: resource-only dats in deprecated format and without header weren't loaded
• fixed: -listinfo dat export misses a closing quote on romof tags with spaces
• fixed: fuzzygamesearch scoring algorithm doesn't detect sets with more than one identical crc as wrong named

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