Category: Arcade

Raine 0.50.12:

• A better fix for the problem in the cave driver, and this time I found and fixed a bug with disappearing sounds. It was most noticeable with guwange, after a while you didn't hear your own shots anymore !
• fix 8bpp mode (when launching raine on an 8bpp desktop), broken in many places (crashes, palette, etc...).
• There was a possibility of crash when reseting a game with f1 and sound was playing.

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NeoRaine 1.1.4:

• Fixed a few problems when switching between yuv layers and normal blits
• Disabled double buffer for the gui in windows, this makes a lot of things much easier and already improves the look of some parts of the gui
• Fixed the message "loading error" on some games.
• neoraine could crash on a cd song change sometimes (thread bug - it's a one which happens only if you are unlucky !). It's fixed now.
• The colors selection dialog gains some sliders controls, and you can now change the fg color to any color (if you chose a dark color in previous versions, you got something very ugly !). Notice that alpha is ignored for fg color, but it's better this way, transparent text becomes unreadable !
• fix 8bpp mode (when launching neoraine on an 8bpp desktop), broken in many places (crashes, palette, etc...).
• Prevent a possible crash when reseting a game, and prevent graphics corruption when reseting during the 1st animation while the fix area is being loaded

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