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    SMSAdvance 2.2 Released

    Category: GameBoy Advance

    Wow, just fixed a small bug with the new VRAM copy, download V2.3

    • Added copying of first 32kB ROM to VRAM for faster execution.
    • Added selection of machine.
    • Added correct noise generation for SG-1000 emulation.
    • Added correct palette in TMS9918 modes on SMS machines.
    • Added different vdp capabilities depending on selected machine.
    • Added some very basic Mode5 support when Machine=MegaDrive.
    • Added different io maps depending on selected machine.
    • Added support for the SMS1 tilemap address masking (Ys(J)).
    • Added support for turning on/off internal RAM.
    • Added auto save of SRAM (if it's allready present) when entering menu.
    • Added auto turn off of Bios when no header found (on machine=Auto).
    • Added auto region (Pop Breaker GG (J)).
    • Fixed support for Dodgeball King (KR).
    • Fixed pushing and poping of AF register (Adventure of Batman GG).
    • Fixed sprite bugs in unscaled mode on Codemasters games.
    • Fixed initializing of all CPU regs on reset.
    • Fixed timing of HALT instruction.
    • Fixed palette setting for TMS9918 modes on GG.
    • Fixed noscrolling for TMS9918 modes.
    • Fixed up Mode1 graphics a bit.
    • Fixed correct HCounter and latching.
    • Better switching between TMS9918 and SMS video modes.
    • More info shown from the game header.
    • Optimised tile rendering for mode 0 & 2 (for real this time).
    • Optimised all Z80 memory reads, one instruction and cycle shorter.
    • Optimised DAA opcode.
    • Optimised DEC opcodes.
    • Optimised SBC A/HL opcode.
    • Optimised one of the SRA opcodes.
    • Optimised CPI, CPD, CPIR & CPDR opcodes.

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    Awesome! Time to take the GBA out of the closet.
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