I just posted this thread for all the WIP news about this Dreamcast emulator for Linux.

Slow Week II: Revenge of Slow Week

Real Life(tm) has been a little bit hectic lately, so there’s isn’t much to report for last week for lxdream. The render split is mostly done now, and will probably be merged back to trunk this week (as soon as I reintegrate the trans poly sorting). Unfortunately I didn’t really get any performance improvements out of it (well, I was probably a little hopeful there), but at least I didn’t lose any performance either, and it was worth doing for other reasons. Once that’s merged I’ve got a few small non-render issues to sort out, and then I’ll get back to the annoying rendering bugs…

In other news, dclinux 010605 is now hosted locally (as long as the bandwidth holds out), including a self-booting NRG image (thanks to The Gypsy), check it out on the wiki. Note that you’ll need the latest svn trunk to boot the nrg image properly.

And finally, I see that MAME now has a mostly complete AICA driver, thanks to ElSemi, kingshriek, dknute & R.Belmont. *jaw drop*. That… will _really_ help ^_^.

Trunk Changes

* Fixed a couple of d’oh-level SH4 bugs (thanks to dknute for pointing them out)
* Quick hack to get the dclinux nrg booting. Full update to follow soon.