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    clrmamepro 3.111 Released

    Category: Arcade

    • misc: sysinformation and system picker windows now got a cmpro icon
    • misc: 'checking unknown sets' dialog shows processed filename before working on it
    • misc: toggling a check box for scan tree update, autoscroll is disabled during update
    • misc: speed optimized "deeper check for fixable missing files"
    • fixed: wrong zipclass exception handling may cause crashes when working on corrupt zips
    • fixed: xml datfile check didn't use the engine.cfg replacement settings (mess import issue)

    • misc: several internal 64bit updates
    • misc: 64bit clrmamepro exe available as separate download
    • misc: updated updateprogram to pick correct 32/64bit package
    • misc: updated to latest fully licensed ziparchive non-mfc version & new 64bit unrar dll
    • misc: remove-rebuilt-source files now works for all parts of a split-rar too
    • misc: more detailed parse error messages showing the last successfully parsed set
    • misc: some small internal preparations for upcoming new xml datheaders
    • fixed: negative windows positions lead to not visible windows
    • fixed: wrong parser error message when no setformat.xml is available
    • fixed: new rebuilder destination folder isn't removed when stopping at rebuilder warning prompts

    :: clrmamepro Official Site | [vEX]
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    Don't know if anyone else notices this problem but I used the update feature in CMP to get this version from 3.1011 or something around there. Anyhow the zip downloaded but CMP complained it was bad (I copied the zip and it extracted fine, however) Just a heads up

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    i had the same problem, im testing the 64bits build and is pretty fast.
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