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Most of the glitches in 0.122u8 should be taken care of, so it’s time to salute MAME’s 11th birthday with a nice new release.

(Apologies in advance for the cut-off text in the whatsnew; it should read “Fixed incorrect default screen size in midyunit games.” It wasn’t a big enough error to prompt a recall!)

Full list of changes can be found here.

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MAME Plus!:

• updated Japanese command.dat [commandlist jp]
• updated Japanese history.dat & story.dat [399@2ch]
• updated Simplified Chinese list (080205) [kof2112]
• catlist v0.122u8 [s_bastian]
• updated Japanese mameinfo (0.123 2/5) [mame e2j]
• sync with 0.123 [Emuman]
• [NeoGeo] fixed game name readings [xvi]

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• Updated to MAME 0.123 - MAMEUI 0.123
- More accurate code for sound emulation in IREM M52, M57, M58, M62 games.

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