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    SSF 0.09 alpha Released

    Category: Saturn

    Crude translation of changes:

    VDP1 clipping disposal fixed.
    VDP2 rotation of the plane of rendering process fixed.
    SCSP sound production process fixed.
    CD block CD playback processing fixed.

    State saves data version changed.
    The state saves Unable to load a version of the data may be.
    The presence or absence of BIOS, the BIOS version difference, whether there is a different backup library hooks and reading.

    When you start setting switch.
    Setting.ini setting is described.
    After startup 1 to 4 Press and Standard, High, Highest, Full configuration window.
    In addition, each game set.
    SSF use when you start the CD in the drive of the game set is loaded.
    CD there is not state when the boot screen, and multi-player games入RE替ETA If the set.
    Set loading priority is 1 to 4 press, every game, SSF.ini order.

    When you save the file to create a folder

    :: SSF Official Site
    :: SSF 0.09 alpha | [vEX]
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    Talking Finally Sonic R is FULLY playable

    I am really happy that SSF is now the only emulator in the history of saturn emulation to FULLY emulate Sonic R. It really seemed as if there was never going to be any emulator that was ever going to do it. This makes it official that SSF is the legitimate BEST emulator for the sega saturn.

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    Nice, I wanted a new update. Thanks SSF team

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