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bsnes is exactly three years old today. I've posted a new version which adds DSP-3 and DSP-4 special chip support. The DSP-3 is used by SD Gundam GX, and the DSP-4 is used by Top Gear 3000. Please note that the DSP-3 is not fully emulated, thusly SD Gundam GX is not fully playable. Also, due to lack of timing emulation with the DSP-4, the Top Gear 3000 track sometimes flickers in split screen mode. However, it is believed that Top Gear 3000 is fully playable.

I should also note that I have started on SuperFX emulation, as some will inevitably see said code in my source releases. What I have now is nothing more than a skeleton implementation, and absolutely nothing using it is playable yet. I am making absolutely no promises that I will ever be able to emulate this chip. It will take at least several months of work, and even then, the speed will probably be too slow to reach 60fps on any system, but ... I'm working on it. While I have no way to run tests on the actual SuperFX hardware, I will do the best I can to emulate the chip accurately. I will be emulating the caching and cycle delays as best I can, but the information I have on this chip is extremely limited, so don't expect miracles.

Lastly, as promised, I have released the special chips I have personally emulated to the public domain. See license.txt for more information if interested. I cannot release the special chips whose code I did not write to the public domain, but all of that is already available under the GPLv2 (from ZSNES) or the SNES9x license.

• Added DSP-3 support, thanks to John Weidman, Kris Bleakley, Lancer, z80 gaiden
• Added DSP-4 support, thanks to Dreamer Nom, John Weidman, Kris Bleakley, Nach, z80 gaiden
• Started on support for SuperFX, no games playable as chip emulation is less than 1% complete
• Unsupported special chips will now display an alert
• Missing stbios.bin file when loading Sufami Turbo cartridges will now display an alert
• Video settings now saved separately for windowed and fullscreen mode
• Advanced option video<.mode>.synchronize can be enabled for vsync, but will cause sound crackling
• Added menu option to toggle FPS counter
• Minor source code cleanup

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:: bsnes 0.025