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    Quote Originally Posted by Shonumi View Post
    It's great to see this thread getting some more activity I'm still around here. Feel free to ask anything if anyone's curious.

    I still work on a bunch of Game Boy emulation. This year in particular, been tackling a few GB things that have never been emulated by anyone. Currently working on a little something, atm. You'd be surprised how much of the Game Boy we haven't touched yet, even after all this time.

    @Danny - Keep up the good work! That debugging setup looks pretty sweet. Took me ages to get around to making a good GUI for mine.
    It's the legend himself

    You should join us on Lots of Gameboy devs there who'd love to interact. Gekkio (mooneye-gb author) is doing a lot of research work there too.

    Of course, I still want to continue the thread here too. Nice to see some life.

    I'm currently still fighting with Test 7 from blarggs test roms. I'm passing 5 of the individual test ROMs out of 11, which is nice.

    Whatever i'm doing wrong with test 7 "07-jr,jp,call,ret," is breaking my compat big time i'm sure. Tetris for instance never goes past that title screen.

    My jr, jp, call, ret and rst methods seem fine also, so it's probably something unrelated that's breaking the test's harness. Anything that stands out in your memory, back when you were in the early stages of your emu?

    PS: My emu is open source, here:
    PS 2: Helpful hints would suffice. Don't want code handouts, as you don't learn that way

    Great to hear from you
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