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    Probably nothing to do with LCDC status interrupts. I'm not detecting Aladdin or Tomb Raider setting up the flags in the LCDC register (Aladdin does set LY == LYC interrupts which I know I've done correctly with homebrew tests of my own). However, both games seem to forgo using the interrupts and constantly read the LCDC status register themselves. Looks to me like it is something to do with setting Bits 0-1 correctly at the right times. I'll investigate later.

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    Since implementing double speed I've have been having problems with Aladdin gameplay. The game starts correctly with the level music playing and all the backgrounds/sprites/etc. visible except Aladdin himself and the
    game essentially softlocks as moving left or right, or attempting to pause the game does nothing (music still continues to play fine though).

    Weirdly enough modifying the cpu speed to x3 instead of x2 for double speed mode actually renders the gameplay correctly and eveything plays fine except for being too fast due to the speed
    increase. So I'm wondering if my double speed implementation still possibly has a flaw somewhere.

    Some games I'm also getting some weird horizontal bars. Noteably in the pink background in Rayman (top middle of screen). On the green floor below Lara and in green column in the middle of the screen in Tomb Raider.
    On Link's Horse in the intro to Oracle Of Seasons.

    Pokemon Pinball also behaves strangely, the black and white credit screen and the title screen are completely black, and the selection screen for the red/blue stage is completely
    pink with the stage selection outline appearing in black. The gameplay seems fine though. This game doesn't seem to use and hdma/gdma transfers, and runs in entirely in "single speed" mode.
    Manually fixing the bg/sprite palettes to the values shown in the bgb vram viewer for the title screen gives the correct graphics on my emulator so it's definitely a palette issue. For some reason
    the palettes in my emulator are all set to 0x00 in the intro and title, so I'm going to look into why they're being set like that.

    edit: Managed to fix Pokemon Pinball, turns out that writing to the Sprite/Background palette index registers should also update the respective palette data register with the value of the index in palette memory. The menus in this game rely on this to set the palettes when ran on a Gameboy Color.

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