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Thread: Kirby 64 Fixes

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    Kirby 64 Fixes

    I had a problem that was also described by someone else here:

    I finally solved the problem with much trouble (I'm new to all this emulator/rom stuff), and finally got it working (so far). Anyway, if anyone else has this problem, here's how to fix it:

    Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (U) [!] (The one from

    (U) - USA Version
    [!] - Verified Good Rom
    *GoodRoms Codes

    Works beautifully on Project 64 (Version 1.6)
    There are some plugin issues, though:

    1) No controller identified
    Some people might notice that the first time they try to play, the combo
    introduction screen plays over and over again. This is because the options
    are set to 'Yes - I'd like to see the tutorial' and 'Yes - I'd like to see
    it again'. Before you get to this point you miht also recognise the plugin
    issue, by not being able to exit the story screen or choose other data files
    on the save screen.

    This is easily fixed by:
    Enter Options -> Settings
    Under Input (Controller) PLUGIN, select NRage

    The problem isn't fixed yet, because for some reason, the analog controls, no matter what keys you set them to, don't work. Instead, set the keyboard keys to the Digital Pad. This works fine for Kirby, because its a sidescroller, so no 360 degree range is necessary. ^^

    2) Fatal graphics error
    In the fourth area of Level 3 - Aqua Star, there occurs an 'Access Violation' error:

    "While processing graphics data an exception occured you may need to restart emulator"

    This is easily fixed by:
    Enter Options -> Settings
    Under Video (Graphics) PLUGIN, select the older version Jabo's Direct(version 1.5.2)

    If I find anymore issues with Kirby, I'll let you guys know.
    Hope this helps!
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    Please don't tell others where you got the rom, ffs.

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    Oh my gosh thank you!!!!!

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