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    SSF 0.08 alpha R11 Released

    Category: Saturn

    A new version of the Japanese Sega Saturn emulator SSF has been released.

    :: SSF Official Site
    :: SSF 0.08 alpha R11

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    Quick dirty translation to give an idea of the changes:
    * Interruption processing of 68000 was corrected.
    * Timing of CD block was modified.
    * The DMA processing of SCU was corrected.
    * The dynamic recompiling processing of SH2 was corrected.
    * The drawing weight processing of VDP1 was corrected.
    * The cycle pattern designated mistake processing of VDP2 was corrected.
    * Memory access weight processing was corrected.

    Sound formation processing was made another thread exclusive use.

    The drawing timing of VDP1 slipping, there are times when sprite flickers.
    That time, please try setting SH2 Instruction Numbers low.

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    thanks for the translation

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