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Great news: I finally took the time and fixed all leftover blitters problems that were introduced when switching to hi-color mode. Meaning that I should now be able to release an official 0.72 version! - It's not lacking features compared to 0.71. This WIP version should be the last, consider this as a Release Candidate for MEKA 0.72. Please report any problem you may find with it.
The new video settings are located in the .cfg file, they don't have an interface as of yet but things should work pretty well without tweaking them.

- Preliminary MacOSX port. [Proppy]
Compile and run under a x86-based MacOSX system. Missing sound (due to Seal) and debugger (unknown problem to resolve). Looking for someone who wish to improve and maintain this port.

- Fixed HQ2X stretched blitter when target output was not 16-bits. [Omar]
- Fixed TV Mode blitters broken since since switching to hi-color. Implementation is slower than previously, but it works well. [Omar]
- Removed obsolete "scanlines" blitter, in favor of "tvmode". [Omar]
- Stretching works on all blitters. [Omar]
- Video depth, Vsync, Triple Buffering and Page flipping are now global video settings, removed from each specific blitter. Greatly simplify configuration and tweaking. [Omar]
- Triple buffering doesn't interfere with the refresh is not supported by the current settings (eg: windowed mode), making it safe and more simple to always leave it enabled. [Omar]

- Z80: Fixed RETI behavior (same as RETN, copying IFF2 to IFF1). Fixes pausing in SMS Robocop 3 during legal screens/introduction, probably other infrequent cases. [FluBBa, Omar]
- Z80: Accepting NMI doesn't copy IFF1 over IFF2, as suggested by Sean Young's "The Undocumented Z80 Documented". [Omar]

- Fixed emulation of pending NMI, pending flag is cleared when reading VDP status. Fixes "Rock 'N Bolt" among other. Thanks to the anonymous poster on SMS Power! forums. [Omar]
- Note that the compatibility list for ColecoVision titles is severly outdated. At some point, James Carter worked on a new, more accurate list, but I lost all contact with him.

- Fixed video rendering, broken when switching to hi-color modes. [Omar]
- Added PRAM support in Memory Editor. [Omar]
- Added 8 palette switching in Tile Viewer. [Omar]
- Note: NES emulation is humor legacy code and won't be supported.

- Sorted default themes, removed non Sega 8-bit related themes.
- Now embedding background pictures in regular binary distribution.

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